The extensive and impressive work the Council accomplishes is done mostly through its committees. Each committee is chaired by a member who is competent and knowledgeable in the area she serves and often there are one or more co-chairs. The chairs are members of the Board and attend the monthly meetings where they make reports of their activities.

  • Cathedral Mass
  • Communications/ Media/ Website

  • Community Service/Job Corps

  • Conference

  • Ethnic Ministries

    • African American
    • Asian Pacific
    • Spanish Speaking
    • Native American
  • Family Life

  • Hospitality Correspondent

  • Newsletter

  • Pontifical Missions

  • Priest’s Calendar

  • Public Relations

  • Respect Life

  • Spirituality & Vocations

  • Women’s Ecumenical

ACCW Los Angeles - Members

ACCW’s Women ‘s Ecumenical Committee

Co-sponsors, with women of other faiths, a bus tour each May. This consists of visiting a Temple, Synagogue, Mosque or Church of one of the participating religions. It is always an extremely interesting and rewarding day.